Photography Services for

Equestrian Stables

Stable Visit


500,00 Euros

Do you want me to visit your Stable?

After talking to many persons, I found a way to be present all day, support small stables or those who are looking forward to promote their own establishments.

These can also be great solution for those who want to assure photographic content, want me to be present or can’t book me for my regular daily price.

Why this can be great for you?

You can assure yourself that I will be there and that someone will generate photographic content when is needed.

How to get the photos?

You can buy the photos later without paying the full price inmmediatly. You only will pay for booking the day and a proportion of the working time invested.

Depending on what you need, you can buy these in Online Quality or High Quality.

10 Photos to Download

The Visit will include 10 Photos in very good online quality that you can download from the Gallery.

Why I'm offering this?

Because I want to help and support small Stables. I know what means working hard and that my work can help others with their projects.

Photos only delivered in very good online quality

High Quality Photos

Photos in high quality can be purchased separately

Plus 19% VAT

For Stables or Clients located in Germany

Travel Expenses

Are not considered in price and will be charged separetly

Photography Services

Full Working Day


1800,00 Euros

Ideal for events or very busy days

Activities 4 Hours


600,00 Euros

Ideal for workshops, lessons or small events



250,00 Euros

1 Horse or Rider

Photography Galleries



Free Horses






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